Commercial Window Tinting Perth

Reduced Glare

The biggest problem in many offices is glare on the computer screen that can, if not fixed, lead to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). We have found that an anti-glare film called Heatshield is the most effective way to reduce glare, control heat and improve employee comfort. Electricity bills will be lower as a result of reduced need for heating and cooling.  Commercial customers often install window tinting for employee comfort which can improve staff productivity while justifying the purchase to shareholders/business owners as an energy cost saving measure.

Improved Air Conditioning Efficiency & Occupant Comfort:

By rejecting around 80% of total solar energy, Heatshield by Smart Films is a better film for commercial buildings than many films that have been developed primarily to meet the needs of homeowners. The HeatShield significantly reduces glare and improves comfort levels by reducing or even eliminating air conditioning hot spots that affect many commercial buildings. You’ll see a medium term financial return on investment, and an immediate non-financial return from your employees and customers who will give you thanks for making your place more comfortable and inviting.

Reduce Sun Damage and Fading:

The major contributor to the fading and deterioration of interior furnishings and storefront display items  is the result of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, heat and visible light.  Smart Films window tinting when installed on the glass will reject almost 100% of the sun’s harmful and damaging UV light and extend the lifespan of furnishings and display stock.

Enhanced Safety:

All Smart Films offer a slight increase in the shatter resistance of windows and glass doors. The film and it’s mounting adhesive will help to hold the broken glass fragments together. However, standard safety film which is 100 microns in thickness provides much greater safety against glass injury. Whereas security films range from 170 to 250 micron in thickness and can withstand greater force (including bomb blasts in some grades)to significantly increase safety reduce the risk of forced entry.

Improved Appearance:

Smart Films are the most cost-effective method of modernising a commercial property’s external appearance. Choosing from a wide range of shades, colours and performance levels an architect or interior designer can very quickly coordinate the windows with the building’s interior or exterior style. Smart Films ClearView  and Ambiance films are available to block excessive heat, glare and fading while maximizing the natural light entering the building.

Film Quality:

Smart Films are high tech films made in the USA in a quality certified factory (ISO 9001:2000 ) from the highest quality raw materials and the latest window film manufacturing technology. All Smart Films have a scratch resistant coating to preserve the film’s appearance for many years. All window films installed by the 5 Stars Tinting carry a manufacturer warranty in addition to 5 Stars installation warranty.