Residential Window Tinting Perth

The appearance of your property, which impacts its resale value, should not be compromised in order to gain sun-related protection. Smart Films are available in a wide range of shades to complement the appearance of any home, while allowing blinds and curtains to be open during the day. You can choose a privacy film that will stop anyone outside from seeing into your home while giving you clear vision outside.

Film Selection

Designed to control the sun’s electromagnetic energy, you can choose a solar control film based on its transmittance, reflective and absorption performance characteristics. This information can help you decide whether a particular film meets or exceeds expectations in terms of aesthetics, occupant comfort and total solar energy rejection performance. Tinting Direct has prepared a short paper on how to choose the right window tint film for the job for homeowners titled “How to choose the best film for the job”. The sun’s ultraviolet rays is the main cause of fading to furniture, carpet, timber, etc. To protect valuables, Smart Films residential films reject nearly all of the damaging UV rays and as much as 80% of the heat.

Stay Cooler in the Summer and be Warmer in the Winter

Smart Films Residential glass tinting films stop up to 70% of the sun’s total energy (heat) and reduce air-conditioning costs, without blocking so much light that is makes your home feel dark.

Home Safety:

While not specifically made as a safety film, all Smart Films residential films help to protect against glass cut injury by helping to hold broken glass together.