Home and Office Window Tinting Perth

Window Tinting Perth

5 Stars Window Tinting specialize in home and office window tinting in Perth, Western Australia.

5 Stars Window Tinting is an authorised film installer for Australia’s leading online window film supplier; Online Quote Save 15%

  • We install window film for people who buy window tinting film online for a home or office in Perth when they decide to choose professional installation instead of attempting to do it themselves.

Tinting Direct is Australia’s largest direct to the general public supplier of residential commercial window tinting films. The highest quality film is imported from the USA and sold direct to the general public at trade price.

  • Tinting Direct’s window tinting job costing app lets people in Perth discover what window tinting should cost in the west. A quote for the film, as well as for the installation, is emailed to people who use the job costing system.
  • A 15% discount is given to customers for measuring their own windows (this the sales commission that tint shops typically pay their sales reps for doing the measuring and quoting).
  • When customers require experienced installers for installation the task is passed on to a Tinting Direct authorized film installer

We have been tinting windows in Perth for a long time but found we couldn’t match their business model that gave customers high quality US made at a ridiculously (for us) low price. So accepting the wisdom of collaborating with those you can’t beat, we partnered with Tinting Direct. We are now a film installation company providing a film installation service to Tinting Direct customers in Perth. 5 Star Tinting is an approved film installer for Tinting Direct in Perth (). People who buy film online and who want professional installation are referred to one of three approved Perth window tinters.

  • Please choose 5 Stars Window Tinting in Perth for your film installation when ordering film online with Tinting Direct .

5 Stars Window Tinting adheres to the highest installation standard

  • 5 Stars Window Tinting installers abide by the international standard, as set by the IWFA, for film installation
  • It means that if we don’t meet the required performance level, we re-do the job.

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